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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Skies of War Download Mediafire Mini Game

Skies of War Download Mediafire Mini Game - Its been 28 years since the Iron War, and the enemy is still claiming your land and cities ...  In this action-packed airplane war game, you are the most important pilot of the rebel army! A new strategy has been planned for you to overcome the enemy armies ... a strategy to launch an attack in the sky!

You will be attacked from the ground and up in the air, so you will definitely need a pilot`s eye to succeed in this dangerous warfare!  Skies of War has 10 exhilarating, suspenseful levels. After each level, your mission becomes more and more difficult, which means that if you can reach the end of the game, you can become the veteran of the rebel army!

 Download here (30MB) : http://adf.ly/DfhsB

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