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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Age of Mythology Titans Expansion Download Mediafire PC Game Repack

Free Download For Game: Age of Mythology Titans Expansion, PC Game Full Version

Age of Mythology Titans Expansion PC Game Repack Full Mediafire Download is a real-time strategy genre, computer game expansion pack of Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology Titans Expansion PC Game Repack Full Mediafire Download There the Titans adds a fourth culture to the game, the Atlanteans, three new major gods, new units, buildings and god powers. It also includes many new features, such as auto-queueing (allows indefinite training of units as long as you have sufficient resources), and the ability to summon a Titan, a gargantuan, godlike being that forms the game's focal point.

Age of Mythology Titans Expansion
Age of Mythology Titans Expansion


Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/XP/2000
450 MHz Processor
128 MB RAM
16 MB Video card
450 MB Hard drive space
16MB 3D Accelerated Video Card
Sound Card Speakers or Headphones Required for Audio
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
56.6 Kbps or Better modem for Online Play

How to install:
- join FFSJ wear, FileSJ, or 7zip.
- Results file *. rar join berextensi
- Extract the file to the desired folder.

How to play:
- The execution file "aom.exe" for the original Age of Mythology.
- The execution file "aomx.exe" for expansion Age of Mythology The Titans.

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Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition-FairLight Download Mediafire PC Game Repack

Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition-FairLight
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Full Mediafire Download Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition-FairLight PC Game Repack Full Mediafire Download.Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition PC Game Full Version
- A spiritual successor to Demons Souls, the action RPG Dark Souls is set in a rich, dark fantasy universe. Intense action within the dungeons, encounters with terrifying enemies and innovative online features combine for a unique gaming experience. Dark Souls’ world breaks down barriers with a fluid design encourages exploration and promotes an adaptation experience. At a time when the players come face to face with terrifying enemies and find new areas, the infallible system and reward challenge takes possession of everything to offer a sense of achievement without equal.

  • Extremely Deep, Dark & Difficult – Unforgiving in its punishment, yet rewarding for the determined – learn to strategize freely and conquer seemingly impossible challenges.
  • Fully Seamless World – Explore a completely integrated world of dark fantasy where dungeons are seamlessly intertwined, with great height.
  • Mastery Earns Progression – Contains 60 hours of gameplay, with nearly 100 uniquely despair-inducing monsters & an incredibly nuanced weaponry & magic spells system. Player success depends on their eventual mastery of how and when to use the magic spells, choice of armor, the number of weapons, the types of weapons, and the moves attached to the weapons.
  • Network Play – Players may cross paths with one another, interacting with each other throughout the game even as each player plays their own game.
  • Flexible Character Development & Role Play – As the player progresses, they must carefully choose which of their character’s abilities to enhance as this will determine their progression style.
  • Community – See other real players and empathize with their journey, learn from seeing how others died, find and leave messages for your fellow players; helping them or leading them into death.
  • Symbolic of Life & Hope – The Beacon Fire is an important feature of Dark Souls for many reasons. Though in gameplay it serves as a recovery and re-spawn point for players whose health gets low and is the one place in the dark world where players can find a fleeting moment of warmth and calm.


Minimum System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
  • Memory: 2 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 4 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ / ATI Radeon HD 4870
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive
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Age of Mythology Download Mediafire PC Game Repack

Free Download for Game: Age of Mythology, Full Version, PC Game, Genre: RTS, Mode: Single player

Full Mediafire Download - Age of Mythology PC Game Repack Full Mediafire Download is real-time strategy genre, based on building towns, creating armies, gathering resources, and ultimately destroying enemy units and buildings. In here game, you are able to defeat and conquer rival towns and civilizations.  

Age of Mythology PC Game Repack Full Mediafire Download advance their tribe through four "Ages": starting in the Archaic Age, you may upgrade to the Classical Age, the Heroic Age, and finally, the Mythic Age. Each upgrade to a higher Age unlocks new units and technologies for the player, which strengthens their settlement. However, upgrading requires a sum of resources to be paid and a certain prerequisite building to be constructed.

Screenshot Age of Mythology
Screenshot Age of Mythology


Microsoft Windows:
* 450 MHz CPU
* 128 MB RAM
* 1.5 GB hard disk space
* 16 MB video card
* 56 k modem for multiplayer

Mac OS:
* 450 MHz CPU
* 256 MB RAM
* 16 MB video card

- Unrar file
- Will find 2 folder CD1 dan CD2. Mount Age Of Mythology_Cd_1.iso with daemon/alkohol and then install. Do the same thing to install cd 2.
- After installation is complete, go to the folder crack on cd1, install patches aom10 to 110.
- After the patch, then copy and paste into the installation folder aom.exe
- Lets play the game

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Resident Evil 4 Download Mediafire PC Full Version (RIP/ENG)

Free Download Game: Resident Evil 4 PC Full Version (RIP/ENG) Full Mediafire Download

  Resident Evil 4 PC Full Version (RIP/ENG) Full Mediafire Download is Single-player mode. This games a survival horror third-person shooter video game published by multiple publishers. The game was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube.
Resident Evil 4 PC Full Version (RIP/ENG) Full Mediafire Download follows Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the President's daughter, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult. Traveling to a rural village in Europe, he encounters a horde of violent villagers who pledge their lives to the cult.

Video Trailer, Gameplay, Plot, Screenshot
Video Trailer:

The player controls Leon S. Kennedy from a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective in a mission to rescue the daughter of the President of the United States, Ashley Graham. The gameplay focuses on action and shootouts involving crowds of enemies in large open areas. The camera is focused behind Leon, and it zooms in for an over-the-shoulder view when aiming a weapon. Unlike previous games in the series, there is the addition of a laser sight that adds a new depth to the aiming, allowing the player to aim in various directions and easily change their placement at any time. Bullets affect the enemies specifically where they are shot: shots to the feet can cause enemies to stumble, while shots to the arms can cause them to drop their weapons.
An image of a young man defending himself against a hoard of humanoid enemies in a village setting. The camera is behind the man's shoulder, placing him in the bottom left corner and the attackers in the background of the picture.
Leon in battle with a group of Ganados. Unlike previous entries in the series, Resident Evil 4 places the camera constantly behind and over the protagonist's shoulder. The laser sight enables the player to target key hit zones on enemies.

Another new aspect of Resident Evil 4 is the inclusion of context-sensitive controls. Based on the situation, the player can interact with aspects of their environment: kicking down a ladder, jumping out of a window, or dodging an enemy attack. There are also dynamic cut scenes, in which the player must press buttons indicated on-screen to execute actions such as dodging a falling boulder or wrestling an enemy to stay alive. These are often incorporated into the game's many boss battles, where the player must avoid instant kill attacks.

The main enemies are violent villagers referred to as Los Ganados ("The Cattle" in Spanish). Los Ganados can dodge, wield melee and projectile weapons, and are capable of working collectively and communicating with each other. They were once simple farmers until becoming the product of an infestation of Las Plagas ("The Plague" in Spanish).

The inventory system of the game features a grid system, represented by an attache case, that has each item take up a certain number of spaces. The case can be upgraded several times, allowing for more space. Weapons, ammunition and healing items are kept in the case, while key items are kept in a separate menu. Items may be bought from and sold to a wandering merchant that appears in various locations throughout the game. He sells first aid sprays, weapons, allows for weapons to be upgraded and buys various treasures that Leon finds. The various weapons each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Capcom added new content made specifically for the PlayStation 2, which was later incorporated into the PC and Wii releases. The largest addition is "Separate Ways", a minigame which revolves around Ada Wong's involvement inResident Evil 4 and her connection to Albert Wesker, a former member of STARS, who is now attempting to revive Umbrella. "Ada's Report", a five-part documentary, analyzes Ada's relationship with Wesker and his role in the plot. Other unlockable content in all versions included the minigame "The Mercenaries", "Assignment Ada", a small minigame using Ada to retrieve plaga samples, new costumes for Leon and Ashley, new unlockable weapons and a Movie Browser.

 Screenshot: Resident Evil 4
 Screenshot: Resident Evil 4

Racoon City has been destroyed under orders from the U.S. government, after the company Umbrella set an experiment that caused major incidents. Leon S. Kennedy is recruited by the U.S. Secret Service after they learned of his involvement within Raccoon City. Leon is sent on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the President's daughter, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult.[11] He travels to a rural village in Europe, where he encounters a group of violent villagers who pledge their lives to Los Illuminados ("The Enlightened Ones" in Spanish),the cult that kidnapped Ashley.

While in the village, Leon is captured by its chief, Bitores Mendez, and injected with a mind-controlling parasite known as Las Plagas. He finds himself held captive and tied up back to back with Luis Sera, a former Los Illuminados researcher. The two work together to escape, but then quickly go separate ways. Leon discovers that Ashley is being held in a chapel, and rescues her. They both escape from the chapel after Osmund Saddler, leader of the Illuminados, reveals his plans to use the Plagas they injected on Ashley to cause a disaster in the United States once she is back. Leon and Ashley try take refuge inside the castle of Ramon Salazar, a servant from Saddler, but are attacked by more Illuminados. Both of them are separated by Salazar's traps. Meanwhile Sera searches for the pills to slow Leon's and Ashley's infection, and then to bring a plaga sample. He brings the two items to Leon but is killed by Saddler, who takes the sample, while the pills to suppress the infection remain in Leon's hands.[16] While in the castle, Leon briefly encounters Ada Wong, a woman from his past that supports him across his mission. He then battles his way through the castle until killing Salazar. Leon learns that Ashley has been taken to a nearby island research facility, and goes to find her.

Leon later learns that one of his former comrades from his years of training, Jack Krauser, is alive and is responsible for Ashley's kidnapping. Both Ada and Krauser are actuallyworking together for a third party related with Umbrella, and that Krauser intends to kill Saddler when he gets the chance. Saddler knows this, and he orders Krauser to kill Leon, knowing that no matter which one dies, he will benefit. After Krauser's defeat, Leonrescues Ashley, and they remove the Plagas from their bodies using a specialized radiotherapeutic device. Leon confronts Saddler after seeing Ada as his hostage. With Ada's help, Leon kills Saddler, and Ada takes the sample. She then escapes from the complex in a helicopter, leaving Leon and Ashley to escape via her jet-ski as the island explodes.[source]

System Requirements:
* OS: Windows® 2000/XP (only)
* CPU:1 GHz Pentium® III or AMD Athlon
* RAM: 256 MB
* HDD: 7000 MB free disk space
* Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c-compliant AGP or PCI Express graphics card (256 or higher for High Graphics Detail support)
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9.0c

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