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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact PC Game Mediafire Download

Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact

DoniGame - Tomb Raider The Lost Artifact PC Game Mediafire Download From the lofty towers of the late Dr. Willard's Scottish castle to the eerie catacombs of France, The Lost Artifact unveils the dramatic conclusion of events set in motion in Tomb Raider III. Upon the death of the dastardly Willard, Lara Croft learns of a lost artifact stowed beneath the Scottish mists at Willard's Loch Ness estate. Rumored to be the legendary Hand of Rathmore, this fifth artifact is the key to unlocking the final secret of the ancient meteor's powers. There is no time to lose, for whom else shares the secret and has joined the hunt?

Game features
* Five New Levels: Speed dash, monkey swing, and quad bike your way through five action-packed levels on Lara's quest to discover the lost artifact.
* New Enemies: Willard's guards are the least of your worries - keep your wits amidst savage warriors, flying prehistoric monsters and ghastly mutations.
* Special Secrets: Unlock each level's special secrets - discover the Hidden Glen, the aging remnants of World War II, and even the truth about Nessie herself!
* New Environments: From Willard' Scottish castle to the desolate, sea-ravaged coast of France, Lara may be close to home, but will the pursuit of the lost artifact take her further away than she ever imagined

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dragon Rising PC Game Mediafire Download

DoniGame- Dragon Rising PC Game Mediafire Download takes place on a fictional island named Skira (Based on the real-world island Kiska, which is located on the western end of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska), in May 2011. After the Global Economic Crisis causes mass unemployment and political destabilization in China, the PLA seize control of Skira and the vast, newly-discovered reservoir of oil there, from the Russian Federation.

Peace talks prove useless as both combatants lay claim to Skira due to previous ownership of it. The situation deteriorates quickly and China begins to fortify its northern provinces in anticipation of armed conflict with Russia. Russia, already countering the PLA on the Chinese mainland, calls to the United States of America to retake Skira from the Chinese.

System Requirements
CPU Intel Dual Core 2 2.4GHz

FileSize 4.47 GB
Pass : www.donialiyanto.blogspot.com

Who Wants to Be Mellionaire PC Game Mediafire Download

Game Type : Quiz
Game Size : 335mb
Release Date : 2012
Platform : Pc
Published By : Deep Silver


DoniGame - Experience the tension, drama and excitement from the TV show on your way to the million. Challenge up to 3 of your friends. This all-new experience of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show lets you personalise your game with a constantly expanding library of special question packs. Each pack offers hundreds of new questions and some of them will even put you in completely themed studios.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions’ are produced under licence from 2WayTraffic, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. © 2011 2waytraffic. All rights reserved. © 2011 Doublesix Digital Publishing. Published by Deep Silver and co-published by DDP.


Special Editions: Exclusive question packs featuring major licenses, available as DLC; questions packs, themed TV studios, audiences, contestants and hosts.
Up to four friends can compete in the local multiplayer mode
Authentic settings based on the Hit TV show.
Online leaderboards: Only the smartest players will make the top of the list

DLC’s included:

* Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? South Park – Special Edition
* Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Star Trek: Original Series – SE
* Who Wants to Be A Football Millionaire?
* Who Wants to Be A Movie Millionaire?
* Who Wants to Be A Sport Millionaire?
* Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Trivia Booster
* Who Wants to Be A Music Millionaire?

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