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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hot Wheels World Race Download Mediafire PC Game RIP

Cover (Hot Wheels: World Race) 

Featuring 15 cars from the 35th anniversary collection of Hot Wheels line of miniature cars, Hot Wheels: World Race takes players through a variety of fantasy courses that range from the insides of a volcano to the slippery terrain of an ice mountain. Stunts are as important as finishing first, and vehicles will be able to drive up corkscrew loops, leap off ramps, streak up walls, and perform other death-defying maneuvers while competing against a series of computer challengers or up to three friends for three consecutive laps. Each course features multiple routes to discover as well as obstacles to avoid, and players can help guarantee victories by knocking the competition off the tracks. Musical group Smash Mouth performs the game's original theme song.


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