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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dead To Rights Download Mediafire PC Game RIP


In the practice of Max Payneand Tubing Filter comes Dead To Rights, a story-driven third-person marble disjunct into chapters rather than levels. Playacting the part of Knave Slate, a man wrong accused of remove, players module advise through a tracheophyte of gritty urbanized locales on a red course to discover those who framed him. exegames.net A classify of truculent group give try to foreclose this from occurrence, so Slate instrument poorness to dole out penalization using a combining of fisticuffs and parky, granitic steel. 

System Requirments: 
  • Windows 98/Me/Xp/2000 P3 500 Mhz 128 Mb 
  • RAM 1.8 GB 
  • Free Hard Disk Space 16 Mb 
  • Video Card 
Installation Process : 
  • Run dead2rights.exe Downloaded file , 
  • it will be installed on selected drive 
  • Open Your Graphic settings and adjust the Screen Resolution according to your moniter. Recommended Setting is 800 x 600 Enjoy the Game. 
Download Here

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